Gymnastic Classes in the Cleburne, TX Area

Open GymLucas Gymnastics offers gymnastic classes for girls and boys of all ages from Cleburne. We begin teaching preschool gymnastics in our Little Gymnast program when children are around 3 years old. We also offer adult women’s gymnastics classes for ladies who want to keep their coordination, range of motion, and muscle strength in fantastic shape. Our gymnastics center’s goal is to provide a safe, educational, nurturing environment where boys and girls can feel at ease learning new exercises and routines that will keep them healthy and confident in themselves. We offer a variety of gymnastic classes, and class times will be available until they are full. We have a student to teacher ratio of 8:1 or 6:1 depending on what class it is and what time of day it’s for. In addition to classes and open gym, we are also available to host birthday parties, family get-togethers, and more. Discover more about our gymnastic classes at our center for Cleburne area residents.

Gymnastics Classes

Different Gymnastics Classes We Provide

Girls Gymnastics Classes

Searching for a gym that has girls gymnastic classes for children from Cleburne? Lucas Gymnastics offers girls gymnastics classes throughout the year. Regardless of whether your daughter just wants a fun after-school hobby, or she’s in cheerleading and needs to enhance upon her tumbling, we have the perfect class for her! We understand that a lot of parents worry that signing their daughter up for gymnastics is going to be expensive and will take up a lot of time. However, rest assured knowing that we will try to make the classes as inexpensive as possible. Also, your daughter can decide how many hours per week she would like to attend class.

Regardless of how old your daughter is, we can teach her everything from the basics of gymnastics to more complex exercises and routines which make use of the balance beam, uneven bars, and vaulting. Our instructors will work with your daughter to teach her how to improve her range of motion, flexibility, strength, coordination, and even her self-confidence. It’s our mission to have students who are confident in their abilities and strengths and feel at ease performing them.

Boys Gymnastics Classes

Our gymnastics teachers have worked with both boys and girls of all ages. They understand how to teach young men to be confident in their abilities and to improve their mind and body with the right training. If you ever have any questions about our boys gymnastic training, you can talk with our instructors before/after classes, or during breaks. They will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have! Our boys gymnastics classes are offered throughout the year and are for ages 4-13. Classes are usually offered three days a week and you and your son can decide how often you would like to attend. There is a different price for once a week and twice a week.

Preschool Gymnastics Classes

We also offer preschool gymnastics classes for both male and females in Cleburne. We will teach your son/daughter the basics, which includes support positions, cartwheeling, basic jumps, vaulting positions, rolls, and much more. We will make use of floor mats, balance beams, uneven bars, vaults, trampolines, and tumbling strips. We have a lot of boys at Lucas Gymnastics who are involved in in a variety of classes. In fact, a lot of sports teams will require boys to take a gymnastic class so they can improve their coordination, upper body strength, and their balance.

Tumbling Gymnastics

Our tumbling classes for boys and girls will teach everything from back handsprings to round offs and cartwheels. Regardless of where your skill level is with tumbling, we can help you. We have trainers who know what they’re doing and they’ll work individually with you to make sure that you are improving your flexibility, coordination, and muscle control.

Please feel free to give us a call or contact us online for more details about registering your child for gymnastics classes at our location serving Cleburne. We look forward to talking with you soon!