Girls Gymnastics

StretchingMore commonly known as non-competitive or recreational gymnastics; at Lucas Gymnastics, we offer girls gymnastics classes for young ladies of all ages. We provide this excellent beginner, intermediate and advanced class for all young ladies in surrounding areas of Cleburne, TX. If you have a daughter who is interested in pursuing gymnastics as an after school activity, consider signing her up at Lucas Gymnastics.

The goal for our girls gymnastics class is to encourage young ladies to develop confidence, become aware of their abilities, and strive to meet their own personal and unique goals. We want to help build strong, happy, healthy, and confident girls through the movement and interaction involved with gymnastics. We have a team of knowledgeable, skilled instructors who are actively involved in the world of gymnastics. They provide invaluable knowledge and dedication to our programs, and we guarantee they’ll help your daughter to grow emotionally and to grow to be physically strong and capable of learning new gymnastic routines and exercises.

We have recreational classes for girls that are non competitive and designed to teach the fundamental basics to beginning level students are needing to learn. Beginning tumbling skills such as somersaults, handstand holds, cartwheels and other skills that will be the start of a strong foundation in gymnastics.

Gymnastics has four events and students rotate to vault, uneven parallel bars and balance beam also. These events are what separate an all around gymnastics program from a tumbling class. The vault builds speed, depth perception and power. The uneven bars strengthens the upper body and core. The balance beam develops concentration, courage and balance.

Questions often asked:

Girls Gymnastics Certificates

  1. Will my daughter get to do all events?

    Yes she will over the course of the month. Our classes have a rotation schedule to ensure time is spent on each event evenly, she will do floor every class.

  2. Is there potential for her to do competitive gymnastics?

    Yes, we have a competition team and students that are interested may try out to get into the program.

Please give us a call or contact us online for more information about our girls gymnastics classes. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Your daughter will love spending time in a supportive, nurturing, and educational environment with other girls who are her own age she can relate to. Many new friendships are made at Lucas Gymnastics every single day!

Girls Gymnastics Class Information

Beginners (A)

6-18 years old

Cost $97/Month

Monday Wednesday Thursday
6-7:10 6-7:10 4:40-5:50
7:15-8:25 7:15-8:25 6:00-7:10

Beginners (B)

6-18 Years Old

Cost $97/Month

Monday Wednesday Thursday
6-7:10 6-7:10 6-7:10
- 7:15-8:25 -

Intermediate (A)

6-18 Years Old

Cost $97/Month

Monday Wednesday
6-7:10 4:40-5:50
7:15-8:25 6:00-7:10
- 7:15-8:25

Intermediate (B)

6-18 Years Old

Cost $97/Month


Advanced A 90 Min

6-18 Years Old

Cost $119/Month

6-18 Years Old

Enroll In Our Girls Gymnastics Program Today

Please give us a call or contact us online to learn more about our girls gymnastics classes. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have! Parents are always more than welcome to come sit in on their child’s gymnastics class so they can get a good idea of the skills we are teaching during each session. Instructors will be able to answer questions before/after each course, and during breaks.